Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Warrior's Trial

 A 25-Question quiz in which you are rewarded depending on the number of correct answers.

Rewards based on # of correct:

1 1.5x exp token (bound)*2
2 1.5x exp token (bound)*2
3 Pet hp orb (bound)*2
4 Pet mp orb (bound)*2
5 Growth food (bound) *2
6 Green Dragon coin *3
7 Hp orb (bound)*2, Green dragon coin *2
8 Green dragon coin, mp orb(bound)*2
9 1hr-afk cards (bound)*2, 1 pet hp orb (bound)
10 1hr-afk card (bound)*1, 1 pet hp orb (bound)
11 Red dragon coin, Mount upgrade token (bound)*4
12 Red dragon coin, Mount upgrade token (bound)*5
13 Heroic wings (bound)*4, 1x Offline exp token
14 2x Token*2, 1x Offline exp token*2
15 Black dragon coin, Hp orb (bound)*2
16 Rose*5, Mp orb (bound)*2
17 Red dragon coin, Greater socket rod (bound)*4
18 3x Pet exp*2, 1x offline exp token
19 Heroic Wings (bound)*4, Mp orb(bound)*2
20 Training Potion(bound)*2, Black Dragon Coin
21 Ethereal Wings (bound)*2, 2x Exp token (bound)*2
22 Greater Socket Rod(bound?)*4, Morph crystal *5 
23 Ethereal wings (bound)*2, morph crystal*5
24 Greater mount upgrade token(bound)*2, dungeon key
25 Fire lord egg (bound), Dungeon key

Answers to the Questions: (Use ctrl+F, to find your question and the answer would be shown)
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